Wednesday, July 27, 2011


So today I'm going to attempt to post a little DIY project I did last summer. I took step-by-step photos with the intention of posting it on here last year and we know how great my blogging skills are, so I'm just now doing it! Let me start by saying that we live in a 1970's ranch, with some of the original fixtures still intact and almost all of the popcorn ceilings intact. Don't be jealous. This fixture was one of those beauties, located in our foyer.

So first, I took the fixture down and disassembled it.  I was a little scared of what I had decided to do, but just went with it.

Sanded and primed it and found a cute helper along the way!

Then sprayed it black and put it back together, without the glass.  I thought that would make it more updated, a la Pottery Barn.

As you can see, we still have the gold flecked popcorn ceiling and funky brown bottom half of the wall to deal with, but baby steps, baby steps.  Thinking of taking the chair rail down and doing grasscloth in the entry way or a WOW color or just a nice welcoming gray....thoughts??

Ok, thats it for now.  This is not as hard as I thought. 

Friday, January 28, 2011

I will return. Promise.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Too much

So, I get started on blogging, post my opening blog and then just quit. No inspiration to share, no funny stories I can remember, just blah. Worrying about what is good blog material, the old "does anyone really care to read about the wah wah wah(insert Charlie Brown teacher voice here) of my world?" But I guess that is what goes through every blogger's head. I have to remember it is more for me as it is for the ones I share it with. I don't scrapbook, journal, or even get pictures into albums for Pete's sake! And am I the only old fogey who actually prints pics?? Which is why I decided to give blogging a shot. My glorified baby book, family history and a general look at the world around me. that Debbie Downer has had her is what in the world has been going on with the Fitzmorris6........

If any of you are FB friends, you know it has been loads of fun for us this past week.
Jay: Awful virus starting Monday, completey dehydrated him and required 2 liters of IV fluid replacement on Wed night. (Super shout-out to Buddy who stayed at the VU walk-in clinic with Jay so I didn't have to wrangle 4 children there!! Thank you!!)He tried to go work today and his boss sent him thome to rest another day. Wow. Great boss, though. Guess he wanted him to be rested up for another super Saturday in the car biz tomorrow! (Shameless plug alert: Jay is a manager at Alexander Ford in Franklin if you are in the market for anything..not just Ford)
Ang: 36-hour migraine starting Monday and lasting, yep, you guessed it 36 hours!! I am not a migraine gal, so they throw me for a loop!! Also, my severe contact dermatitis returned with a vengeance within days of finishing my 13 day course of steroids. So guess what, this time I get 24 days of the roids. Great, love it, awesome. Actually that last round gave me the energy to be up at 5 am starting the old bloggity blog. Oh- I also did something fun....Substitute Teacher orientation for WCS! Whoo hoo! So if you know any teachers in WCS.....I'm in the pool
Madeline: Cheer camp! Had a fun 3 days with the Page wrestling cheerleaders and did awesome today showing her stuff at Premier! She may be a flyer, but right now is only one of 2 girls on the squad who can do tumbling passes, so that is what she did today. I was remembering the days of watching her Aunt Jenn show her stuff!!
Abigail: General obsessing & nagging me about getting packed for camp. She & Madeline are leaving for 2 weeks to go to the summer camp in Alabama where they go every summer. Incidentally, the same camp their Aunt Julie & Aunt Jenn attended.
Jack: Poor guy, he just does what his sisters tell him. He did smack one smarty pants sister tonight though, when he had enough of her pestering. But he is really a sweetie.
Will: Could there ever be a sweeter, happier baby? He & Jack lead the pack on that one. These boys are going to be my saving grace when we have two teenage girls.
Ok- I am off to make towel wraps for the girls to take to camp. Maybe I will take pics and post.
I can't forget to mention that my awesome sister, Jenn, revamped my background because I still can't figure out how to do anything with my netbook!!! Must get wireless mouse.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Good morning sunshine! Looks like another hot one here in the neighborhood. I have been wide awake since approximately 5:06 a.m., with no one calling me Mommy, no one needing me for anything, just a house full of 5 other sleepyheads. So, thought I would get started on this blogging thing.

This is my first feeble attempt at blogging and I am a bit nervioso about it! But, I have been inspired by my sister, her fun friends and the other blogs that I stalk, so I'm just going to give it a whirl. Not sure if this will be random family postings, musings or lean toward a mom-preneur type of thing in the future. Just getting my feet wet and having fun getting started for now. As you can tell, I am basic with the design, background, that cool update will have to wait until another morning when I am wide awake at 5 a.m. with nothing to do.

Would love to hear your tips, opinions, sites for blog designs, etc.....anything all of you experts can offer to get me started! Must go, I hear a 12 month old calling my name.....